Why You Should Trust ELD In The World Of Data Theft And Data Exploitation?

Why You Should Trust ELD In The World Of Data Theft And Data Exploitation?

Cloud computing and cloud storage have been an incomprehensible technology which was considered to be an improbable option going forward with mass storage of data. This fact was actually changed when several companies introduced the world to the limitless possibilities of unlimited data storing in the cloud servers. This was a revolutionary aspect for growing and established businesses to store the all-important data digitally and thus dump the manual log books maintained by them. What did it mean for the trucking industry for drivers? From manual to digital hasnt been as smooth as one would have expected but the scenario is changing and this where eld comes to mind. ELD mandate has created shock waves in the trucking industry with the introduction of cloud storage and merging them with the trucking industry. With unlimited data storage capabilities, drivers can now log into these devices and store their information without the hassle of going of manual log books which can be easily manipulated. The elogs are of great help for the fleet managers who can nicely now maintain and manage the fleets and take a control on the HOS. The E logs for truckers are of great importance these days.

With ELD, companies can now store sensitive as well as important data such as driver usage hour, vehicle usage hour, hours of service, fuel usage as well as oxygen content maintained in the vehicle and temperature level. By far, electronic log in devices have been considered to be the most suitable and viable option in storing important and beneficial data which can be handled by data centres belonging to the ELD companies. Authenticity and ease of maintenance is what defines why trucking companies and businesses should go for electronic and digital devices being fielded in their trucks.

How ELD devices can safeguard the future of trucking business?

With the establishment of ELDs in the transport business, few aspects need to be checked. Can eld be considered a centralised information storage centre? Can ELDs be hacked into for sensitive data more so for driver data when they log into the devices? The answers are no. ELDs are not centralised although the data are monitored by the respective company but still a business owner have got the final say in what and the type of information that these devices store. In other terms a company do not have the final rights to information of a company and that the owner of the truck would put forth the necessary data and information that needs to be monitored. Also certain factors such as the fear of the systems getting hacked have been completely quashed by the successful implementation of these devices. With an excellent and secure back end protection, no one needs to worry about their data being stolen by malicious activities. Also electronic logs for drivers are safeguarded by anti-theft and anti-manipulation system software which require biometric authentication to even access them. All these virtues make ELDs a superior technology in the field of truck business.


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