About Henry Ford’s car

About Henry Ford’s car

In the 1910s, Henry Ford experimented with the use of agricultural materials in the manufacture of automobiles. Ford was partly motivated by the desire to find non-food demands for agricultural surpluses, which already existed then as today. He tried a lot of agricultural resources, including wheat. Star spring protection housings for the Ford T model 1915 were made from a wheat gluten resin reinforced with asbestos fibers. Subsequently, he focused on soybeans and in the 1920s; he started promoting soy products on every occasion. He recruited Robert Boyer, a young chemist, to conduct the research.

In the following years, uses were found for soybean oil in automotive paints and enamels, in rubber substitutes and in the production of glycerol for dampers. Viscous solutions of soy protein were extracted and “placed” in a formaldehyde bath to form fibers for a tapestry fabric. But, for Ford the major interest was in soy flour turned into plastics. Soy flour is what is left after soy is crushed or ground in the flakes and soya oil is extracted with a hydrocarbon solvent. Soy flour is composed of about 50% protein and 50% cellulose, mainly carbohydrate. Compositions of Ford’s soybean plastics and methods for their processing have evolved over time and changed depending on the application. Moisture resistance, phenol or urea was added to the protein. The resin thus produced was composed of a portion of phenol formaldehyde (or urea formaldehyde) and a cross linked portion of the soy protein; soy flour was not more than filler outdoor car cover.

Cellulose and other carbohydrates that were part of soy flour caused condensation. As fillers, he added up to 50% to 60% of CHANVRE cellulose, wood flour or pine pulp, cotton, flax, ramie and even wheat. The final mixture was about 70% cellulose and 10% to 20% soy flour. When additional strength became necessary, glass fibers were also used. Relatively low pressures and temperatures were used in the manufacturing process. Soy flour plastics have been used for a growing number of automobile parts, doors, glove box, shift lever, horn buttons, accelerator pedals, distributor heads, interior decorations, steering wheels, dashboard panels, and subsequently an outer cover for the rear platform of the prototype. Finally, Ford gave the signal to produce a prototype “plastic car,” consisting of an all-plastic body. The bodywork consisted of fourteen plastic panels attached to a welded tubular frame (instead of the usual double-T parallel armature). The panels and the frame weighed about 113 kilos each. The total weight of the automobile was 1,043 kilos, approximately two-thirds the weight of a steel model of comparable size.

Ford, a master to produce advertising, launched the prototype with great fanfare in 1941. But after the end of ’41, Ford no longer gave publicity to “the plastic car”. The reasons are unknown, but his contacts in the media, the strength of the DuPont organization and the Second World War are likely to have played a role. In addition, the technology was not yet well developed and the options limited. Plastics have become more common, but plastics from renewable resources have been put away. This is where Hemp Plastic pursues research projects and collaborations to revisit and renew the use of herbal plastics.

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After agreement with the customer on the conditions of recovery, acceptance of any complete vehicle delivered on the site, or removal within 15 days

Interlocutor trained in the control of quality, safety and the environment

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Issuing a “certificate of destruction of a vehicle” (ceria 14365 * 01)

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